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AMERICAN EXPRESS® Business Travel Account (BTA) Online

For American Express BTA Customers

You can activate BTA Online as a new customer but also as an existing customer. All you have to do for this is select the relevant fields on the power of attorney form under “II – INFORMATION FOR INVOICING” as well as under “III – ADD NEW POWER(S) OF ATTORNEY/AMEND OR REVOKE EXISTING POWER(S) OF ATTORNEY” and fill them in accordingly.

As a result, the authorized people defined by you on the power of attorney form, who are defined as BTA Online administrators, can view and manage the monthly statements under the respective basic account and completely do without any paper statements. We recommend nominating at least two BTA Online administrators to guarantee that the monthly statements are checked and paid on time in the event of absences.

You can download the appropriate forms here, but we will also be happy to personally assist you with activating BTA Online.

We will be happy to advise you personally on finding the right payment solution for your company.

Important information: The company has to have registered for the American Express @Work online application to use BTA Online.


  • 24/7 access to your statement online, from anywhere
  • Immediate access to up to 13 months of past statements
  • Faster statement delivery – typically 10-14 days quicker than paper statements
  • "Statement ready" by email alerts
  • The ability to add multiple employees to receive the online statement