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Activate your online statement as an alternative to the paper statement really easily and quickly.

For American Express Business and Mastercard Cardmembers

View, check and download your card data anytime and anywhere – this is offered to you by the new, convenient and safe online access, CompanyOnline.

Your company can apply to activate CompanyOnline using the power of attorney form. Once activated, all the transactions made using the cards and monthly statements are available in CompanyOnline and can be accessed or downloaded as a report.

Transactions made before activation cannot be made available.

CompanyOnline is modular and is being constantly updated with new functions.


  • Summary of your current account information
  • View the monthly statements and extracts (PDF) for the last six months
  • Full information about transactions, cardholders, account movements and card use as a dashboard or detailed overview
  • Individual inquiries from helpful reports (e.g. cardholder list)
  • Download transactions for the required time period and in various formats (Excel, CSV, etc.)

Have you already registered and have a user ID and password?

Have you not registered yet but would like to register for CompanyOnline?

A minimum security standard (TLS 1.2) must be guaranteed to use CompanyOnline from September 14, 2017.

Your browser and your operating system must therefore support this security standard. Click here and check whether you can continue using CompanyOnline. If the security standard is not currently supported on your device, you will need to update your browser or operating system as detailed.

Two different user profiles enable individual access to CompanyOnline. This is coordinated to the different functional authorizations within the company and determines the displays and rights in CompanyOnline.

The administrators are nominated by your company using a power of attorney form, they can view all the company’s card information, such as monthly statements, individual transactions, etc. and can manage and download them.

Cardholders can register independently after CompanyOnline is activated and have access to their own card account. As a result, they can view, manage and download their individual transactions, monthly statements, etc.