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Have you not registered yet but would like to register for CompanyOnline? This is how to register for CompanyOnline in just a few steps.

Step 1: registering for CompanyOnline and nominating administrators

Fill in the power of attorney form and mark "CompanyOnline" with a cross. Decide which people should be set up as CompanyOnline administrators. Sign the form with a legally valid signature and return to us.

Step 2: activating CompanyOnline and the setting up of administrators by Swisscard AECS AG 

CompanyOnline is activated for the company and with a letter it is confirmed that the company cardholders can register themselves. CompanyOnline administrators are set up according to the information on the power of attorney form. The user ID and the initial password are sent separately to the administrators.

Step 3: CompanyOnline administrators’ first login

The user ID and password must be entered the first time they log in. The password must be changed and the Terms and Conditions must be accepted.

It is only possible for cardholders to register if your company has activated CompanyOnline.

Step 1: login to CompanyOnline
Go to "CompanyOnline login" and choose "not registered yet".

Step 2: registration under CompanyOnline
Follow the instructions for self-registration on the page, all you need is your credit card details.