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Our focus is on individual consulting. That is why our specialist team supports you right from the start in various areas:

A personal contact

for analysis, comprehensive advice and continuous further development

An implementation expert

to realize the solution you want


I need a:

Our Servicing Team

for round the clock support with everyday matters

  • American Express® Business Cards and Credit Suisse card packages
    +41 44 659 62 40
  • Mastercard
    +41 44 659 62 50
  • American Express Corporate Cards and Supplier Payments
    +41 44 659 64 88
  • American Express Business Travel Account
    +41 44 659 62 90

The added value of cooperation

A cooperation with Swisscard is not just limited to classic platforms for travel and billing management but they can also be developed further once launched.

The added value of this kind of continuously expandable cooperation provides the company with a forward-looking and reliable partnership.

The sooner we are involved, the better we can get to know your needs, specifications and objectives and present you with customized solutions and innovative products coordinated to the size and requirements of your project and company.