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A company’s employees use their private cards for expense payments. What are the advantages of switching to business credit cards?

All payments made with company credit cards are booked to one account. The advantages of company cards are as follows: Monthly reporting: The company receives one invoice for all cards each month. Expense payments are not financed in advance by employees; administratively resource-intensive cash advances on the part of the company are no longer required. Precise separation of company and private spending. Uniform insurance coverage for all employees. Business credit card invoices can also be used for tax purposes.

Which kind of employees would a Business Card suit best?

It makes sense to issue business credit cards to employees who generate a certain volume of expenses and who have constantly recurring expenses, such as driving, air, and rail travel expenses, hotel costs, restaurant costs, parking and telephone charges, client gifts, etc. We recommend that the company issue conditions of use for cards, which can be an integral part of the existing expense regulations. In many well-known companies it is accepted practice to issue company cards as required, irrespective of hierarchical position.

How secure are business credit cards in the event of loss or theft?

In principal, the cardholder is not held liable providing the obligation to exercise due care in accordance with the General Conditions is observed following the loss/theft. It is important to have the card blocked immediately following discovery of the loss. A card replacement is generally available within 48 hours, or within 24 hours in the case of the Credit Suisse Gold Business American Express® Card. Often the card can even be replaced at one of the 3,200 American Express travel agencies and representative offices worldwide.

What if the card is misused by a third party?

Transactions executed as a result of misuse by third parties must be objected to in writing to Swisscard AECS GmbH immediately upon discovery, and 30 days after the invoice date at the latest.

What internal adjustments and regulations are necessary when introducing business credit cards?

We recommend the appointment of a card administrator, who assumes responsible for all matters regarding business credit cards. We recommend integrating separate conditions of use for business credit cards into the expense regulations.

Is it possible to put a photo of the cardholder on the reverse of company cards?

This is not possible for our credit cards. A photograph is not an internationally recognized security element (unlike the signature, passport control, checking with authorization offices, PIN code).