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The American Express® Business Travel Account SBB

Your personal travel account with the SBB for the centralized and automated payment of all SBB rail travel.

The American Express Business Travel Account for SBB business customers (BTA SBB) is a virtual corporate credit card with which you charge your company’s rail travel expenses through a central account on the SBB website.
All train ticket purchases are consolidated into one detailed account statement for simpler and more efficient monitoring in the process. Thanks to electronic account statements with the total travel costs for all your employees you achieve more efficient handling processes and massive cost savings as a result. If you like, you can completely replace the paper statement with an electronic statement by activating @Work. In addition, travelers benefit from insurance1 on their trips. 

The American Express Business Travel Account is suitable for SBB business customers whose employees frequently travel by rail. 

1 Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GCI) that you can find under "Forms to download" on this page to obtain all the details regarding the valid conditions of insurance and insurance benefits (including sums insured and exclusions of liability).

The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) SBB offers you:

  • Cost savings thanks to automated and centralized processes and billing
  • Account statements with detailed travel information including start and final destination as well as other customized report or reference fields for simpler and more efficient monitoring
  • Flexible billing option
  • Extensive insurance benefits1 for employees on business trips
  • Simple linking to billing systems
  • Possible to combine with other systems (Billing Support Files, CAR, @Work)
  • BTA Online (electronic statement) instead of paper statement

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