Payment solutions that save you time and money.

American Express® Corporate Card

Ideal for paying for almost all everyday business expenditure and improving cost transparency.

The well-established American Express Corporate Card guarantees transparency regarding expenditure and reduces the administrative workload within the company when used for the efficient payment of almost all business expenditure. You can improve efficiency and get a better overview of costs management as a result. In addition, you automatically benefit from basic insurance1 on your trips. 

The American Express Corporate Card is suitable for all employees who regularly make purchases or generate expenses.

1 Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GCI) that you can find under "Forms to download" on this page to obtain all the details regarding the valid conditions of insurance and insurance benefits (including sums insured and exclusions of liability).

The American Express Corporate Card offers you:

  • Free replacement card worldwide
  • 24-hour phone service
  • A basic insurance package1
  • View all transactions online round the clock
  • Membership Rewards bonus program (optional, CHF 50 annual fee)
  • Special offers from American Express SelectsSM and Business Savings Plus

We will be happy to advise you personally on finding the right payment solution for your company.

Downloading the PDF

  • Please download the card application and basic account application for the same product.
  • When you submit the card application, please make sure that there is a basic account for the same product.
  • Please note that the power of attorney form is already incorporated in the application PDF file and therefore does not have to be downloaded separately.

Completing and submitting forms

  • New customers must submit the card application with a basic account application.
  • The basic account application and card application must have a legally binding signature according to the commercial register, statutes or other similar founding documents.
  • The people who legally sign the basic account application must enclose a certified copy of their identification documents as a result of regulatory requirements or have their identity verified by video call.
  • The card applicant must enclose a copy of identification documents. Depending on the product and/or monthly spending limit (from CHF/EUR 20,000), the copy of identification documents must also be certified or the card applicant must have their identity verified by video call as a result of regulatory requirements.
  • To video identification
  • To the regulatory requirements

Card received

  • Please sign your cards straight away and keep the PIN code separately in a secure place.
  • Once you have activated your card, you can reset your personal PIN code at any Swiss automated teller machine (ATM) that offers PIN services.
  • Your card is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • To other forms