Payment solutions that save you time and money.

American Express® vPayment Account

The virtual payment solution to pay for goods and services efficiently and securely.

The American Express vPayment Account increases the efficiency and security of payment processes and allows for transparent cost control. Simplified data reconciliation reduces the amount of paper documents and sources of errors resulting from manual processes.

This payment solution is particularly suitable for business customers, travel organizers and
online travel agencies to pay for bookings and services for individual people and amounts.

The American Express vPayment Account offers you:

  • Increased efficiency by reducing the administrative workload and avoiding unnecessary paper documents and sources of error
  • Transparent cost control using customer-specific parameters to increase cost transparency and minimize fraud risk
  • Simplified data reconciliation based on individual customer references, which are recorded using parameters and provided in different forms for simplified data reconciliation

We will be happy to advise you personally on finding the right payment solution for your company.

The American Express vPayment Account INCLUDES:

  1. American Express @Work
  2. American Express Billing Support Files
  3. Insurance